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What we're up to!

It's always sad to see the summer come to an end as Fall settles in but we're kind of happy with the change of the seasons as it marks our next phase for our project. We have compiled all the answers to our survey and are pleased to see that much of what we already believed to be the case was shared by those who responded. We also read some really interesting perspectives on why people started watching Soap Operas and why they continue to do so.

If you left us your email address during the survey, we may be in touch within the next month to pick your brains a little further. We also have some other research arenas that we are delving into and the project is certainly picking up steam!

Talk to you soon.

Survey is now closed!

A great big thank you to all of you who participated in our survey about Soap Operas. The information and opinions provided are going to be a great resource to us as we move forward with our project.

We will be spending the next couple of weeks analysing the information in detail. If you left us your e-mail address we may be in touch with you to gather some more information.



Last call!

We will be wrapping up our public research phase for our project, How Soap Operas Saved the World...Or Why Smart Women Watch Soaps at the end of this month.

If you haven't had a chance to take our survey and let us know about the most memorable scenes, shows and actors and what kind of impact the genre has had on you, then please do so!

Click Here to take survey

Have you taken our survey?

We're still looking for soap opera viewers to share their thoughts and opinions on daytime television with us. What characters do you like? What storylines moved you? What scenes do you watch over and over again?

Your opinions will help us with our research for our program about the influence and impact of daytime television.


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Do you watch soap operas?

If so, we need your help!

We are currently researching the impact of soap operas on American culture and are out to prove that smart women do indeed watch soaps!

We would love for you tell us about your daytime viewing experiences - what characters do you like, what storylines? What are your favourite moments?

Interested in sharing with us?

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If the world is truly a global village, as Marshall McLuhan predicted it would be, then we at for good want to get to know our neighbours a little better.

Our philosophy is to use the medium of film and television to its fullest capacity – to entertain, to inform and to educate. And we hope to provide a helping hand or a voice to those in need along the way.

This village of ours is brimming with stories begging to be told and we plan to contribute to both the aural and oral record through our work.

Working for good

Laurie Kempton: A jack of all trades, Laurie’s career has taken her all over the map, literally and figuratively. Her formative years were spent as a dancer and awakened in her a love of performing and an appreciation for the stage. She spent three years as producer for Capital Quiz, a theatre show for young adults. She led the overhaul of the entire show and the new production was recognized with a bronze medal by the International Festival and Events Association for educational programming.

A die-hard hockey fan, she is often heard muttering “shoot the puck!” We try not to stare when that happens.

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Janet Kolsky: She's spent a good portion of her life trying to figure out what she wanted to be when she grew up. She dallied in academia, but didn't love it enough to stay, so she left her English Lit program ABD. She got a job in retail, which she found she's strangely good at. But something was missing, and her life still felt hollow. She tried chocolate. She lost herself in books and television. But she still felt as if her life were without mooring. And then she began to write, and in opening the door to her own creativity, she became whole.

Oh, but don't get between her and her Reese's Cup.

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